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Ross T. Hite is a well regarded private investigator licensed to practice in California and Louisiana.  Ross began his career in law enforcement and has over 30 years experience in civil and criminal trial preparations. In August 2010, the Professional Standards and Committee of the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists granted Ross the designation of Certified Fraud Specialist.
If you are in need of a particular inquiry, please contact us for further information.
  • Locates (skip-traces) 

  • Asset Searches

  • Pre-Employment Inquiries

  • Major Property Loss (commercial/cargo)       

  • Custody Investigations

  • Probate Investigations

  • Witness Interviews  

  • Fraud Investigation (criminal/civil)

  • Criminal Investigation 

  • Corporate Inquiries

  • Real Estate & Property Investigation

  • Elder Abuse  (criminal/civil)

Investigative Analysis regularly confers with legal counsel and experts to ensure information can be leveraged in your court case or personal matter. We assist our clients in a compassionate and concise manner with personal and professional services.

Investigative Successes

  • Consulting for financial institutions during merger and acquisition negotiations

  • Individual and corporate background investigations (CEO/CFO/COO consulting)

  • Fraud Investigations - Corporate and paper schemes; Sarbanes-Oxley regulations; bank SAR inquiries; money laundering

  • Death Investigations - Insurance companies and private inquiries; probate diligence work

  • Missing Persons - Successfully investigated, researched and delivered results on many cases

  • Consulting for banks and other financial institutions regarding asset research and related investigation in support of Workout Loans

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